Extensive experience delivering complex multidisciplinary media projects

20 10 10 provides production and consultancy services in digital media. Carl Goodman has been working in digital design since the late 1980s and has delivered numerous projects involving computer animation for industry and television, web design, online and mobile games, and virtual reality experiences.

Initially from a traditional design background, Carl has seen almost all of the changes that have impacted the industry over the past, quite extraordinary, third of a century. He’s been fortunate enough to work on some high profile and cutting edge projects across an unusually wide range of markets, and has been deeply involved in commercial, creative and technical solutions in many of them.

He’s been lucky enough work in both the business-to-business and entertainment sectors, and his projects have twice won Bafta awards.

Recent work includes computer animation using 3ds Max for modelling, Vray for rendering but most frequently now Unity High Definition Render Pipeline, because being able to go back and re-render a sequence in just a few seconds is an absolutely massive leap forward. The quality both Unity and Unreal achieve, especially with ray tracing, is creeping very close to off-line rendering. The other enormous benefit of real-time is interactivity and immersion, and other projects include fully immersive Virtual Reality experiences for HTC Vive, and Augmented Reality for mobile.

Online projects started with Flash and HTML5 canvas based games and moved to online virtual worlds. This involved not only technical production but managing community aspects, from virtual currencies to moderation and COPPA compliance. Tiny Planets supported tens of thousands of users, with high levels of concurrency. The retail industry could do well to learn lessons from online games.

Research and Development projects include SALERO (Semantic Audio-visual Library Entertainment Reusable Objects), InSemtives (Incentives for Semantic Annotation) and 3d Metaphors for Financial Data Visualisation. The first two were European Commission funded projects, the last was paid for by Reuters.

The name 20 10 10 has no particular significance. It’s just an easily remembered URL.